Best Softwares, Skills & Technologies, that every EE, EC, EEE and IN branch student should explore

Technological improvements can be measured, and it only takes a little amount of time to expand a vast quantity of qualitative data.

Technology connects people’s abilities, information, processes, techniques, and tools to solve issues and make their lives safer and simpler. Technology is vital now because it is propelling the world forward and improving it. In our daily lives, we are all surrounded by technology. We have become accustomed to it, from the morning alarm to turning out the lights at night. As a result, humans feel more comfortable in their daily activities, both personal and professional.

Rearranging artifact creates, fresh room for improved calibration.

In this article, I’ll discuss the most important skills/technologies to learn before entering the workforce. Here is the list below.

1. Every Circuit

— Software —

It is a highly interactive circuit simulator. It helps to create circuit computations easily. It comes with an Android App feature, which is easy to use. It has various ICs, electronic components, and instruments in virtual form to make circuits. We can build circuits, adjust parameters, See graphical and phasor representation of electrical quantities in one click. Analog and Digital circuits can build very easily with an available wide variety of components in the library.

You can download it for Android from here.

2. MATLAB & Simulink

— Software & Skill—

It is a powerful computing software tool having many functional and featured toolboxes. It establishes a key framework for any engineering problems that deal with certain kinds of mechanics for technical analysis.

To use Matlab Online, Go to the link below :

You might be thinking that why it is so important to learn ?

Once you get into the world of problems, you need a tool to make analytical and mathematical calculations. Image processing, power system, Statistics and Machine Learning, Curve Fitting, Control systems, Signal Processing, and Mapping are the most important toolboxes in Matlab that give greater computational power to solve problems. It also comes with the best-simulating feature for analyzing the technicalities of electrical and electronic circuitry.

3. DSA (Data Structure & Algorithm)

— Skill —

Data structures and algorithms (DSA) delves into the details of typical issue solutions, revealing how effective each one is. It also teaches you how to evaluate an algorithm’s efficiency using science. This allows you to select the best option from a variety of options. In fact, it enables thinking ability towards making efficient programs for hardware & software. If you are an Electrical, Electronics, Robotics, Automation or Instrumentation student, you should learn it because when we program hardware devices it fairly takes a lot of space to store the programs & quite it is also important to have efficient code on the other hand with greater accuracy and computational speed. If you are an IT or CS student then you should learn it, as you know that for making any software, digital products, apps, or website, it becomes so helpful to analyze things at all corners.

4. Programming (C, C++, Python, Java & Embedded C)

— Skill—

Circuital branches require a lot of coding and scripting because they deal with physical devices for which intelligence can be added through programming. Robotics, Automation & IoT are trending technologies for which embedded c and python is very important to carry out certain tasks. Learning programming creates ease of doing critical tasks & we can automate certain computations as well.

5. SBCs (Single-board Computers)

— Skill & Technology—

A single-board computer (SBC) is a complete computer with microprocessor(s), memory, input/output (I/O), and other capabilities required of a functional computer that is built on a single circuit board.

Following are the most common examples, which are used for many Automation projects.

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson Xavier, ODYSSEY, BeagleBone, Corel Dev, and many more.

Learning this all computer hardware architecture and software functionalities helps to get good jobs. Doing certain projects using the above boards and having hands-on experience on them helps to stand out & showcase the skills amongst others.

6. Proteus


It is one of the best simulation tools used by many electrical and electronics engineers to create schematics and electronic prints for manufacturing printed circuit boards.

Prior to putting particular initiatives, prototypes, mockups, or product development into action, it’s always a good idea to consider the various probability situations and conditions that will inevitably arise after completion.

Proteus is a program that allows you to simulate, design, and draw electronic circuits. The Labcenter electronic was the one who came up with the idea.
Proteus may also be used to create two-dimensional circuit designs. On your personal desktops or laptops, you may use this engineering software to build and simulate various electrical and electronic circuits.

Circuit design on the proteus requires less time than circuit building in practice. In software simulation, the risk of error is lower, such as a loose connection, which takes a long time to find in a practical circuit. Circuit simulations have the advantage that some circuit components are not practical, thus you can build your circuit on Proteus.


— Skill & Technology —

Automation procedures have quickly become an important element of many businesses’ overall processes, especially in the instrumentation and electrical industries. PLCs are becoming increasingly important and vital in the automation industry.

A Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC, is a logic controlling device that assists in the control of several functions in an industrial system. The main purpose of this device is to keep in touch with the input devices at all times and to make key decisions depending on the custom software regarding the state of the input devices.

SCADA, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Control, allows all industrial operations to be monitored from a single place. It doesn’t matter if the site is close by or far away. With the use of Human Machine Interface (HMI) software, these devices can interface directly with a variety of other systems. Because it logs everything into the system, it’s also a form of auditory gadget. The SCADA system’s complexity is proportional to its function, which is its greatest advantage. Depending on the demands of the user, it can control a sophisticated or simple system.

13. MS-Office

— Software —

MS Office skills are very important irrespective of the branch of engineering. Exploring MS Office — Excel, PowerPoint, and Word are very important to represent the work we do either at our workplace or in school.

Projects are always documented in pdf format. Excel is used in most engineering calculations and automated with certain formulas to make the task easier

17. Embedded System

— Skill & Technology —

Embedded systems are critical in today’s world. They enable designs and optimizations that allow us to enjoy the benefits of technology while minimizing cost and power consumption since they are purpose-built for certain applications. Our world would be very different today if it weren’t for embedded systems.

Understanding how embedded devices work and the myriad of applications where they can be used will make you better equipped to understand the world around you and leverage the benefits of embedded systems.

18. IoT (Internet of Things)

— Skill & Technology —

The influence of the Internet of Things is crucial. The Industrial IoT connects devices, systems, and people in intelligent, real-world applications to allow environments such as automated factories, smart cities, and linked healthcare.

The IoT has taken over the manual system of running businesses as it now plays the role of managing the internal process and operations giving high convenience for each task.

It is connecting millions of devices that were previously isolated. This is exponentially increasing the value of big data and streamlining many everyday tasks.

19. PCB Design

— Skill—

Working in the subject of PCB design is one of the most exciting technological fields to be a part of. Almost everything we see these days contains a small printed circuit board. More engineers and designers with smart and inventive ideas are required as our reliance on technology grows.

The demand for electronic devices will continue to rise as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things become more prevalent in our lives. As a result, the future of PCB technology appears to be as bright as the sun, and PCB technology will continue to advance as our requirements and priorities evolve.

23. Measurement, Tools & Instruments

— Skill —

Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Students / Professionals should have a better understanding of each measuring instrument.

Following is the list of most common instruments used

Power analyzer, Electrical & Electronic hand tools, CRO, Multimeter, Clamp-On meter, Megger, Oscilloscope, etc.

More Skills

Other skills have a lot more of it, which you can look into on the other side.

  1. Electrical Wiring & Installation

Skill —

2. Robotics

— Skill & Technology —

3. Signal & System, Control System & Image Processing

— Skill —

4. FPGA Development

— Skill & Technology —

5. Statistics & Numerical Methods

— Skill —

6. Electrical & Electronic Troubleshooting

— Skill —

7. Automation

— Skill & Technology —

8. OS (Operating System)

— Skill —

9. Cloud & Networking

— Skill & Technology —

e.g. AWS, Azure, Blynk, Thingsquare, Oracle, Alibaba Cloud, Linode, Vultr, etc.

More Softwares

More you know, more you can do !

Well you can explore other software solutions as well, given below is the list of many.

1 Coil32

— Coil Design

2 Rhapsody

— System Architecture


— Interface & Design

4 Clear Quest

— Configuration Management

5 Vision

— Short-Circuit Analysis

6 LTspice Simulator

— SPICE-based analog electronic circuit simulator computer software


— Simulator for power electronics, SMPS, Motor drives, etc.

8 LabView

— Software for applications that require test, measurement, and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights.


— Simulation, design, monitoring, control, operator training, optimizing, etc.

10 ANSYS Maxwell & Workbench

— CAD systems, enabling efficient simulation-driven design decisions.

11 TinkerCad

— Skill & Web App / Software —

— 3D Design and Circuit Simulation.

12 AutoCad

— Is computer-aided design (CAD) software that architects, engineers, and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings, Designs, Diagrams, etc.

13 Scilab

— Famous open-source scientific computation software, can be used to test algorithms or to perform numerical computations.


— It contains a variety of options for planning and administrating electrical automation projects. Many industries, such as power engineering, panel building, machine tool engineering, etc. are using EPLAN daily.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Thanks for reading, Follow me for more. I will update this article constantly for further new skills and technologies.

Have a great day ahead.




I am enthusiastic in writing and reading.

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Venugopal Pudur

Venugopal Pudur

I am enthusiastic in writing and reading.

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